Thursday, December 20

Countdown Christmas

Turkey - free range – yes organic- no With legs? Yep
Stuffing – yes
Mince pies made – yes
Christmas Cake – no
Presents Wrapped – no
Present bought – 80%

Saturday will probably be my last food shop before Christmas.
Every year Stella and I fret about vegetables, but I think I have finally reached the point of not caring if there are no sprouts (I hate them) or discovering my parsnips have gone bendy…
Many years ago when Delia’s Christmas book came out it was my Bible and I did everything the Delia way –but these days I try and make it as simple as I can.
The other pressure I put upon myself is making a fresh fruit salad for Christmas day….this year I shall make a raspberry roulade and not worry about the large amounts of double cream
And then there’s fridge and freezer space…


  1. You are well on the way to the big day! I am impressed. Fresh fruit salads are the way we go in the Southern Hemisphere. Berries are in season here. We will have new potatoes as well as the roasted ones. The forecast is for rain on Christmas day. We will still manage to have a barbeque tea. I am stuffed full of end-of-term staff lunch. Plus there are enough chocolate gifts from children at our house to keep Weightwatchers in business for the next five years. We are off on our annual Christmas jaunt to the family farm. Miss Dog will be pleased to see her cousins. Harry would be greatly impressed by the doggy fun when they get together.
    Must go to bed now. Big day travelling tomorrow! Merry Christmas XXX

  2. I have just waved goodbye to my last Christmas door ring and am now about to start for our Christmas. actually we are going to my parents so I don'thave much to do.
    I LOVE sprouts - quite the best bit of Christmas dinner - except perhaps the roast potatoes.
    Have a great time, I wrapped up the corsage for Helen last night - it took a lot of will power to give it away.

  3. I don't like sprouts and neither does anyone else who'll be at my Christmas table bought I bought some today because.....well just because.
    I've been making the children eat up things out of the freezer so I have room for Christmas food, fishfingers and icecream anyone?
    Have a lovely Christmas.x

  4. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Might I suggest the outdoor fridge/freezer? I.E. the back garden....just have to protect it from the foxes and Dandelion!!
    The Neighbour. x Can I take this oppurtunity to tell your readers what a star you are and if any one needs 300 logs stacking...Gigibirds the one to have to give her booze though!! xx

  5. lynn...your mince pies look delicious. i bet your pastry's amazing! i have now made (+ eaten most of) about 5 dozen pies...still thinking one more batch before the big day? didn't make a cake either :(

    wrapping my presents tonight by the woodstove. then a few more to make this weekend.

    love sprouts. love roast parsnips. love all the veggies + stuffing. the turkey's ok but not the best bit for me. your roulade sounds like a much better idea than fruit salad! good luck with our food shop tomorrow! xxx

  6. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Just finished my food shopping and if we haven't got something we need - tough because I'm not going out THERE again!
    Merry Christmas.
    Carolyn x

  7. Happy Christmas to you both, Lynn. Your mince pies look fab, mum was an expert at making these too. I have discovered Lyons Farm Sainsburys instore bakery shortcrust ones are really nice, and as good as homemade, don't tell Stella but I shall probably put these out over Christmas sprinkled with a little extra icing sugar, I shant tell if you don't! I shall be using parsnips out of the garden, that's if they are not full of holes, I have got swedes too, but they don't look that good, so I have bought one as back up. I am just going to make a huge trifle for Christmas Day, not bothering with a Christmas pudding this year, but shall be supplying plenty of cream! Happy New Year. x

  8. Your mince pies look FABULOUS! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Hi Lynn, just popped by to wish you a really happy holiday and a wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs Lynn xx


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