Thursday, December 27


My challenge today should I accept is to make something delicious with turkey and ham left overs….i just need to get my arse in gear and do it….However UKTV History is showing Sharpe back to back and although rubbish I am hooked watching a young Sean Bean fight his way through Europe…….
I am hopeless in the Sales so I normally shun them.
In these days of excess where everything is so cheap; buying more cheap stuff even cheaper seems redundant and pointless - to me anyway.
Stella is coming round for coffee so I must away and boil lots of water and have some clean towels handy….


  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Boiling water? Clean towels? Is Stella about to have a baby?

  2. Now I'm a day ahead of you, I made a cheesy turkey and pasta bake yesterday, it was delicious. I have to confess I threw the remains of the turkey away after that, I can't face another turkey meal this year! My Mother told me off but there's no point in me freezing it only to throw it away and a few months time 'cos we don't fancy it anymore.
    I'm avoiding the sales too, I spent more than enough before spending for a while for me! Good job it doesn't cost much to be creative.
    Happy New Year, thanks for your lovely blog.

  3. Soup with cheese and crackers or rolls. It's quick, filling and a welcome break after heavy meals and lots of time spare.

  4. lucky you! i've been at the post office all day which has been incredibly quiet + boring! off now for a week + plan no sales shopping. did you see those lunatics on tv outside next this morning at 5am??!

    i feel quite sad that we have no leftovers because we din't cook the christmas dinner : ( but i'm working my way through a whole lot of sweet stuff which will be perfect for lots of tea + coffee breaks on holiday : )

  5. Anonymous2:43 AM

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