Saturday, December 29

Simple and Easy

I am enjoying a rather self indulgent afternoon – watching The History Boys from last night, logs alight warming me and to fill my stomach Scotch Pancakes….

Whenever I make theses little beauties I can’t believe how quick and easy they are; from start to finish under 15 minutes – under 10 if you don’t fart about like me.

Warm serve them American style with maple syrup, cold butter and jam.

Tomorrow we are entertaining our neighbours (one side only otherwise I’d be having a nervous breakdown right now) so I have been flicking through my arsenal of cookery books… my dilemma whenever preparing a meal for friends is the balance between producing something special and spending the evening on my own in the kitchen stirring something….


  1. OOOhhh - I just love scotch pancakes. Mum used to make them for us all the time as kids. I'm going to make some tomorrow....:) Yes, they are one of lifes simple pleasures!

  2. Making Scotch pancakes is the only yummy mummy thing I do -
    I am now off to look at cookery books too - I am doing a starter for our road's Hogmanay celebrations. Ages ago we decided to be lazy and do smoked salmon & now I find 2 people won't eat that.
    don't just stir away in the kitchen unless you have a badly behaving neighbour.

  3. Ooh ooh, was it the neighbour you were entertaining? I hope you had fun.

    Happy New Year to you (& Colin) (& your hubby) (& Harry) (& the Neighbour)


  4. oh yum yum, i am inspired to make some today!


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