Tuesday, January 1

Tuesday 2008

I have woken up to 2008 rather punch drunk after having to stay up until 1.am – the combination of fireworks (why, why, why???) and a Nancy boy dog.
I watched Jools Holland….it was a disappointment - Lulu, Paul McCartney….Dawn French and that husband of hers – you know, the one who just isn’t funny ….and all those ‘faces’ in the audience pretending to be having a great time….
If I didn’t have to stay up for the dog I would take 2 Syndol and have an early night.
What I find irritating about New Year is how it’s been taken over with detoxing, diets, becoming transformed inside and out…as far as I am concerned it’s all a load of bollocks.
However I will be trying to add some STRUCTURE to my life this coming year as although I hate routine realise I need a minimum amount to function adequately.
I won’t bore you with specifics as well my little life is hardly inspirational but in my own little way, in my own way will try a add a few things, remove a few more and hopefully produce a more satisfying life for myself….


  1. happy new year! we did the jools thing too...however we had champagne + mussels to help us along : ) i am glad we stayed in though. i couldn't bear going out so i was happy to see i the new year alongside the woodstove + in pyjamas!

    i agree...diets + unrealistic resolutions aren't a good part of new year. i do get excited however at the prospect of a new chapter feeling + i think your structure addition is something i'll be aiming for too. also learning to knit ;)

    i do wish you + your little gang a lot of happiness ahead + i'll enjoy more chats with you through blogland + who knows maybe for real too in 2008?! xxx

  2. yuk
    bloody jools holland - filmed in mid December - the big fat hogmany liar.....
    we also stayed in - laughed, ate, laughed some more at the dogs - then spent until 6am this morning being woken up by drunk Scottish folk.
    any other day and roughly 3 or 4 people pass my door - where and WHY did so many more feel the need to stomp past last night and this morning???

    i will be putting a list of must do's on my blog, in the hope that it will remind me to actually do something in 2008!
    but there will be no diets or fitness plans here.

    i look forward to another year of blogging along side you, and send you heaps of happiness and good luck for 2008.
    tracy x

  3. We were out at friends but as it was all of a 2 minute walk counts as being at home in my book.
    Ate too much and stayed up late singing very badly.
    I'm not a great person for diets or detox.
    Sad to hear that Jools Holland was bad - we videoed it - why does he stuff his audience with such dull people and then chat with them in a horrible smarmy way. Surely people watch for the music rather than Vic Reeves saying "Happy New Year".
    A little bit of structure - I await the details . . .
    Happy New Year Lynn -

  4. You should have watched Take That on ITV - they were great, I fancy Jason myself!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR


    Happy 2008 x

  6. Happy New Year, Lynn, actually sorry!! I disagree, with you ..... your life is very inspiring, well your blog and it's posts are, and you have been nothing but sweet and supportive to me. SO having said my bit... I don't have a telly and I am most pleased that I don't, if that is the drivel thats been on it.
    You have your early night, tommorow will be much better.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  7. I couldn't agree more about the whole New Year hype / guilt trip.......I don't believe in making resolutions to be honest, not set in stone ones anyway. I'm just going to be kinder to myself this year basically, something we could all probably do with a bit of!
    Onwards and upwards eh and best wishes for all that's to come in 2008 x
    PS thanks for your comment :)

  8. ha ha ha! I spent the evening moaning about Jools Holland and his bloody hootenany, and the usual dull audience guests Grrrrr - Dawn French GRRRRRRR, LULU tapping her head and foot along to Seasick Steve (whose album is rather fabulous, by the way)


    I really don't like New Year, so I'm very pleased to find other likeminded individuals ;)

  9. Oh ain't it comforting to hear so many other people think NYE is over-rated?! The prospect of a new year beginning is something to celebrate but I don't like all the hype and feeling that I should be part of it. Now those execs at the BBC/ITV etc have missed a trick, there's this huge captive audience STAYING IN on New Year's Eve, they could put some fantastic period drama on for us don't you think?
    I really enjoy your blog, you are actually very inspirational. I know what you mean about structure,when I'm working I achieve so much but give me a couple of weeks off and I lose all motivation. I've wasted so many afternoons and evenings this Christmas, I could have read all those books waiting to be read, done some sewing, made some cards but just can't be bothered...yawn yawn. Looking forward to seeing what you're up to in 2008. Happy New Year!
    Gill x

  10. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Blimey, you're a miserable lot, aren't you. Jools is an arrogant smarmy sort of bloke (I went to school with him ,he is a friend and colleague of my bothers') and I don't much like him either, but who held a gun to your heads and forced you to watch....go to bed, if that's what you want to do, or go out or stay in with your chums...just make what you want to happen, happen, and stop grumbling and blaming everyone else! Your blog is great, your sentiments about NYE suck, you need some resolutions to help you next year!

  11. Jools Holland? What a treat! Here in New Zealand we had to put up with a repeat of the bloody Royal Variety Performance followed by Elton John's Birthday Bash! Dire! However, I did have my German friend here who lives in Rustington. Laughed lots, drank a bit and hit the sack just after midnight!
    Happy New Year to you and your's. Give Tennyson a big kiss from us and love to Stella and gang. Thank you for the Christmas card. The designs we get here are rubbish!! Your's was smashing!
    Anyway, off outside for BBQ'd food with G.
    Lots of love, Al xx

  12. Why do people who criticise via comments tend to use the anonymous route? - I agree with some of the comments made (though not all of those those directed at Gigibird)but I would have a lot more respect if there was an owning of the opinions expressed.

  13. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Not a day into the new year and you've caused bedlum!!! I have seeds and out of date food stuffs for you, I cleaned out a cupboard - so sue me!! The neighbour x

  14. I enjoyed Jools Holland and if it is pre-recorded I'm very glad that the 'celebraties' chose to do their 'own thing' on NYE.

    I wouldn't read your blog if it didn't inspire me. Hope you have an eventful 2008.

  15. Although I don’t endorse anonymous comments I welcome all as there’s nothing like someone speaking their mind to make me think a little more about what I have written; however I would like to say I would prefer anyone who wants to make personal comments email me thank you.
    For the record I don’t mind Jools Holland generally although over the years of watching Later it has got into its own comfort zone of dull ‘names’ plugging their latest albums…safe when it should have a bit of edge – the reason I watch every year is because I believe in hope.
    I don’t wish to go into the whys and where for’s but sometimes we can’t change our lot and my New Year is one of those areas I don’t have much say in and so I defend my right to moan about it.
    ‘Anonymous’ mentions making things happen –how do I stop fireworks going off? How do I put something decent on the TV?
    I’ve loved hearing it’s not just me that finds the whole thing of New Year a let down - even in New Zealand – poor Alison having to endure a repeat of a Royal Variety Performance followed by Elton John!

  16. A very happy New Year to you. I was a little disappointed by Jools too. Wouldn't have watched it but for the fact my Brother-in-law wanted to. As I was full of cold I took myself off to bed before it finished. I'm very grumpy generally about New Years Eve and am always happiest when the whole thing is over and we can get on with the new year properly. Love your new banner by the way. Makes me dream of Spring just looking at it. I'm definitely buying a big bunch of some Spring flowers at the weekend no matter what the price.

  17. Well, you are not alone, we don't do NY either, we opened some wine and watched the boxed set of the Wire, we were so engrossed we forgot what time it was - thankfully no-one lets fireworks off in the village and we pottled to bed in blissful serenity.

    FFS, if someone is going to be rude and aggressive, it would be nice if they had the guts to put their name to it, and anyway, who died and made them God? It is your blog and you can write what you darned well please! Oh, and a happy New Year to you ;)

  18. No good asking for my opinion, we were both in bed by 11.30, to be woken by fireworks at 12.00. Don't mind in the least, just as long as everyone's happy! x


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