Thursday, January 24

Cafe Culture

This morning I met up with my two oldest friends at our local 'celebrity' cafe for coffee.

I've known Julie since we were about 5 years old and Stella since 3rd year Chemistry....I think we were around 14.
When you have known friends that long it's very easy company to be in, an hour and a half passed in no time even with the addition of a small child! He was a very good boy and there were no tears (from any of us)
This time of year the East Beach Cafe is mainly left to locals so it was more or less empty which was nice.

A body had been found nearby on the beach Tuesday morning, near to the cafe - rumours he had been crushed by wood I feel have been exaggerated to stop people making off with any. It seems it's always dog walkers who come across bodies washed up on the beach....I don't expect Harry and I will ever stumble across one as we're never up early enough!
Now returned I feel a spot of baking coming on - I thought I would treat myself to some cake this morning but the selection was very lack lustre.
As we were making our way back to the car, Stella suddenly shouted, rather loudly, 'Mind the dog shit' as well there was definitely a hazard that needed to be avoided and a rather well dressed man who was passing heard and joined in with our laughter.... It's everywhere at the moment:(


  1. sounds like a lovely morning, i know what you mean about the doggie mess!, we have what we call, 'poo watch' on the school run, with all the kids shouting 'mind the poo' in unison!

  2. We went for a walk along the canal bank and there was so much dog muck we came back along the road. Not quite the scenic amble we had in mind!

  3. What a smashing morning you had. I love comments made by other people they are so funny, I'm usually in a queue of sorts when it happens, and I am dying to turn around and start a discussion, but never do just incase........
    What a gorgeous little boy.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  4. Hi Lynn, but the truth of it is...I am out of the house at 7am and not back until 7pm, and apart from friends at work.. all my friends are now scattered over the globe, so I am truly grateful for my new penfriends,and you are one of them.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  5. Anonymous11:34 PM

    haha bloody dog poo, why do some owner let their doggies crap anywhere?

    I do hope you don't find any bodies, Harry would get a nasty shock!

  6. Anonymous11:36 PM

    ps, I am so silly, I left the wrong link above!

    It's Bev x

  7. I love going to great cafes with friends. We call doggy poo "dog mines" and the old ones are "chalkies". Of course clean dogs like Harry and Miss Dog wouldn't dream of leaving a mess behind! Miss Dog supervises me to make sure I get all of it. No wonder Stella cried out a warning. I would want to throw my shoes in the nearest bin if I stood on one.

    Goodness- dead bodies and doggy turds! Interesting blog topic for today ;)

  8. i hate owners who do not pick up after their dogs - i have been known to yell out of my bedroom window as a ignorant dog walker let her pooch poo, whilst she looked around hoping nobody was watching.... hah
    i am so used to tiny whippy poo's that i think i am in for a HUGE shock with the Deerhound!!!!
    t x
    p.s - nothing better than a poo discussion at the end of the week!

  9. Once when I was coing home from Brownies (yes, a few years ago) I tried to use some 'chalk' to draw on the path...with my mum shouting 'drop it, drop it, it's poo!'. Lovely.
    I also picked up a discarded condom once, and told my mum someone had lost their washing. Washing???? Where on earth did that idea come from?


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