Sunday, February 10


What did I say about buying magazines?

Maybe I should get it tattooed somewhere prominent? The front cover of Period Living bewitched me into parting with £3.25 for basically one photo of a cream kitchen with old plates on the walls…..

Not even sure what I saw in it now....
Back once more to Chi(chester) – this time with my man…. I chuckle to myself when I refer to him as that…. anyway I digress; I wasn’t out to buy on impulse; I knew I would be on the look out for Seasick Steve’s CD after I saw him on the Culture Show last night and remembering he was the best and only decent thing on Jools Holland’s Hootananny over Christmas.

I can’t download music. I don’t know how and I don’t own an ipod….I don’t like things in my ears so I generally buy CD’s but before finding our way to HMV we had foolishly entered the danger zone that is Waterstone’s.
I am after a copy of Julie Arkell’s Home so I lurked about in the craft section generally being under whelmed by a rather lacklustre selection. Until I came across Pet Heaven, a delightful book beautifully photographed of mainly impractical pet accessories ( anti – firework balaclava for a whippet, a knitted hamster bed, a rabbit blanket) . I so wanted the book I went so far as to walk towards the tills but then my sensible logical part of my consciousness made me stop ( it doesn’t often). I don’t need a pattern for a ruff for Harry’s neck; he wouldn’t be allowed to wear a pearl incrusted cardigan – even on a nippy morning so why did I want it? Why is it now on my Amazon wish list?

I think this near miss weakened me allowing a magazine purchase to take place.
There are a few nice pictures but it’s mostly regurgitated stock photos and the same old, same old stuff….


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I often find myself buying a magazine for 1 or 2 of the photographs and then kick myself afterwards. As for Waterstone I do have a bit of a love hate relationship with them. Great for browsing but I try to keep my purse in my pocket because Amazon is so much cheaper.

  2. i also popped that magazine in my trolly - again just because of the front cover..
    i have also been seduced in to making a certain purchase from Amazon due to a certain email xx (thank you x)
    t x

  3. The magazines look so tempting but I usually find they're a big disappointment once you get past the main feature.Even so I have to tear myself away when I see the latest one on the stands!

  4. Mmm its food magazines that tempt me . Seasick steve is an excellent buy though seen him live a couple of times got my dancing everytime. Enjoy

  5. You are so funny - I find myself doing the same things with magazines - buying one because of one or two photos- lol!

    The good thing is that my town dump has a magazine recycling bin - sometimes I hit the jackpot with Country Living and Martha Stewart.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  6. oh it's good to know you have weak moments too : ) well done for putting the book back! (looking forward to taking a peek at the link)

    seasick steve...saw him on the c show at the weekend too. that dude is amazing! he'll be good to do a spot of dusting to. xxx

  7. I wish I had a £ for every time I've bought a magazine because of one or two photos I like. I always regret it and feel annoyed with myself for wasting my money. What's even more annoying is when the front cover is tempting but the magazine is wrapped in plastic so you can't tell if there is anything inside to really live up to the front cover photo. Why can't they do like they used to when they would just wrap a paper sleeve around the mag and you could slide it out and have a look first. Apart from the annoyance of not being able to fully see what you're getting, I hate the overuse of plastic!

  8. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I've done this so many times I'm an old hand now at buying a magazine for one beautiful interior photo! I've kept them though, and even years later I find myself loving that same picture, so maybe the price is worth it in the long run? It is! It is!

  9. Hi again!...don't forget to try The Book Depository.I've bought some books lately and found them cheaper there than Amazon (with free postage too!) ;-)

    I received my copy of Country Living today.Inside was about 10 lots of junk/leaflets!Grrr! Sal;-)

  10. yes me too, the front cover made me buy it yesterday in sainsburys, it was the sink full of flowers that got me hook, line, and sinker.
    Luckily mum gets country living, home and garden, and easy living on subcription, which she hands on to me when shes finished, but she doesn't get period living, so I console myself with the fact that it's the only one i'll buy myself this month.

  11. I am terrible with magazines - and I feel cheated every time. Now that I pass them onto Caireen at the Patchwork dress I feel less guilty as they get turned into beautiful cards. But even so ...
    But then I'm bad with book shops too. Mind you I'm not sure even I would buy a book with a cardi pattern for a cat.


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