Monday, February 18

Florence Hope and Friends

After a very colourful dare I say healthy lunch my neighbour and Stella popped round for an impromptu gathering.

Stella brought with her some finished Florence Hope ready for me to style, photograph and list on Etsy….

Preliminary photos of the Florence Hope Spring batch!

A sneak
The stylist (me) needs little chocolate eggs as props ( which might then be eaten – to avoid waste)

Another sneak

Aren't I pretty all on my own?


  1. These are lovely! Mmm chocolate props!

    I added your link to my links list.

    So glad to have connected with you in blogland.


  2. well done on the healthy lunch : )

    i'm v excited about the new spring collection. the sneaky peek is looking pretty indeed. how i wish i could be photographer's assistant with the chocolate props. mini eggs + tea? yes please! x

  3. I love these roses, I saw Stella's first one, and thought one was lovely, but seeing them all together is better still. x

  4. lovely, lovely things. Thanks for the sneak previews.

  5. Yes I do have big feet. Hence the excitement over finding sophisticated girlie shoes now self- respecting trannie would touch!


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