Friday, February 15

Viewing Pleasure

I always think its interesting what we watch on TV. Some of us are soap addicts, some of us like natural history programmes etc, etc – me? I like a eclectic mix of the sublime to the ridiculous.
We buy the Radio Times every week and my husband goes through it marking with a highlighter pen everything he wants to watch…he’s like that; where as I like to wing it a bit referring to the RT as a last resort – however yesterday I did find a programme description that made me laugh out loud, although I watched Doc Martin (scenic drivel) and missed it.

Bizarre ER :New Series 1/8 Interesting and unusual medical cases from a busy British A&E department, including a student who has trapped his testicles under a 60kg gearbox.

I made buns yesterday – fig and almond with lemon icing. Quite pleasant – my own concoction

I loved the drips of icing that collected under the cooling rack.

The light wasn't very good - that's the trouble photographing food this time of the year - you generally cook when the sun is on the wane; I hope you can see the attractiveness of the droplets


  1. divine little droplets! i would have wiped these up with my finger + eaten...probably before spotting how pretty they were! fig + almond sounds an amazing recipe...can i ask for a copy?

    as for bizarre did i miss that??! we have a few tv faves...ciaran is a newnight addict but i like newsnight review. ooh + neighbours. that's the gemini in me i guess!

  2. Hi Kelly:) I love Newsnight review too...
    I am more than happy to pass on my recipe for fig & almond buns...I will email it too you. Nigel I think didn't rate them...but I thought they made a nice change.
    Bizarre ER was on BBC3....
    Did you watch 30 Rock? I loved it.
    My guilty secret? well I type this I am being subjected to Ice road truckers.....

  3. Horrible confession time- I am utterly fascinated by Miami Ink and LA Ink. Both tattoo programmes. I would NEVER get a tattoo, but somehow watching people get them is compelling viewing (for me). 100 Strangest Things Removed from the Human Body may have appealed to you. MR B and I are both addicted to Deadliest Catch, which is about Alaskan crab fishermen. Finally, that oldie, but goodie- MASH. We have all 11 series on DVD for when nothing else is on.
    I'm with Kelly, those wee icing droplets wouldn't have had a change to look pretty with me around! XXX

  4. Euan worked in an A&E dept at one time and the cases that came in were very bizarre (and an enormous proportion sex related).
    We keep catching the ice truckers too.
    The only things I am actively watching (as opposed to happening across) are Damages and Monty Don's gardeny thing -

  5. Ooh yeah, I can see the attractiveness of those sugary sweet droplets .... lovely!

    .... and what were that student's testicles doing under a 60kg gearbox in the first place?

    I LOVED To the Manor Bowen and I miss it terribly ....


  6. Beautiful droplets, although I agree with Kelly, they wouldn't have lasted long enough for me to get the camera out. I try not to get too addicted to anything on TV although I do love relocation relocation. I think it must be something to do with not owning a home of my own yet that makes me facinated in watching couples look for their perfect home. They generally all irritate me though and I often end up shouting at the TV that they're being too picky. I do have a radio addiction though, the Archers. Can't miss it and if I do there's 'listen again' on the beeb website!

  7. Only you could go from 'testicles' to 'buns' seamlessly... it made me giggle.
    Love your icing droplets. Don't watch much tv as i am always on the computer these days...but i will turn it on for Ashes to Ashes... otherwise i just happen upon things when Rod puts it on.. We often catch Grand Designs too.

  8. I see the attractiveness of those cakes! Bet they didn't last long? x


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