Tuesday, February 19

Nook Fun

Found myself upstairs after lunch in my rather neglected sewing nook primarily for a bit of a tidy and to take a few more photos of rose corsages

It wasn’t long before Colin got in on the act

and then even less time for him to steal the show and start posing like an A lister.

American Beauty?

Mummy's little helper


  1. I (heart) Colin, he is such a super stylist:)

  2. Yep he is - you will be out of a job.

    The corsage I got from you is always commented on - it is classy stuff. I don't know why your etsy shop manages to stay stocked!
    There is no justice,

  3. there's something about colin's expression that makes me laugh : ) i love how he's trying to steal the show...i see more film poses ahead for that monkey in the future!

    gorgeous f hope goodies on flickr by the way. when is the new shop stock going in? xx

  4. The corsages are lovely! Are they felted?

  5. Hi Jane, thanks for your kind words. I am at a loss as to why FH isn't more popular....

    Hello Kelly:) The Etsy shop will be stocked up soon subject to me getting hold of some chocolate mini eggs....and as for Colin I have to hide my camera from him other wise he would be in every picture.

  6. Hello Bev, yes they are all made from felted woollens.

  7. Ooooh, great Colin shots but even greater corsages!! I just popped over to your etsy shop but they aren't there ..... hurry up will you??


  8. Your post made me smile. Colin is just adorable!

  9. Colin is a cutie, I love the american beauty shot, made me giggle!

  10. Hee hee, love the American Beauty shot, my 3 year old is looking over my shoulder chuckling at "the funny monkey". Beautiful corsages.

  11. Oh Colin is great! Definitely an A lister. Actually an A+ lister!

  12. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Colin and the roses huh? Sounds like a new band or something. Great fun!

  13. I never put Colin down as being an exhibitionist! x

  14. I LOVE the felted roses. I rather like the idea of a gang of them all together. Just like I am mad about the anemones. I want some but Mr B is funny about buying stuff online. He alway mutters "you could make it yourself" (which is just an excuse cause he really means- "I'm nervous about buying stuff online"). Maybe we will have to have a private arrangement! XXX

  15. Hello - I just landed here via the link at Monkee Maker's page. I just had to leave a comment to say how much I love those felt roses - they are stunning.

    :-) x

  16. Those corsages are stunning!

  17. Colin is such a ham in front of the camera - he can't get enough.

    Lovely, lovely roses!



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