Monday, February 11


Today hasn’t been with out incidence – Harry got attacked…..Trojan a very bad humoured Labrador quite viciously went for Harry who had possibly instigated events by walking up to him for a innocent doggy sniff. He went for the back of his neck pulling him to the ground before his owner called him off; then the blimming thing ran towards me with its hackles raised…. I have been bitten before but a long time ago but for a moment I thought how I would get to casualty and the vets at the same time….

::Mummy don't let Trojan get me again::
Apparently the dog had been attacking every dog he met…Poor Harry was left shaking but thankfully his skin wasn’t broken but he even now several hours afterwards he is feeling very sorry for himself….

On a more cheerful note here are some of my recent thrifty finds..
If I had a bigger house I might actively search for more second hand goodies but I have to limit my looking.
This little picture needed a bit of a tidy up – Stella and her brother fixed the back and I gave everything a good clean and it now graces my mantle piece….not bad for £2.50

I love this jug – Chintz Ware - it’s not old but it’s been so useful. £1.76


  1. Oh Poor,poor Harry. Though if he is anything like Jasmine he will drag out the feeling sorry for himself stage well into the end of the week.
    Jasmine was attacked by our neighbour's great dane, fortunately it was spotted by the neighbour who chucked water over them so Jasmine was humiliated and very wet but not badly hurt.
    I couldn't really complain as she had gone a visiting without asking.

  2. oh Harry :(
    it is such a traumatic experience for dog and owner - since my girls were attacked by the awful staffie i am a bag of nerves whenever we see other dogs - to the point of turning back on myself and going another way to avoid them.
    give Harry lots of hugs from us and a few good doses of Rescue Remedy.
    if he is still out of sorts in a few days let me know and i will send you some remedies for shock (for Harry, not you - although you can take them if needed!)
    many hugs and happy thoughts coming your way
    t x
    p.s - can you complain to police, RSPCA etc about this dog - he should not be allowed off the lead and should be muzzled - it makes my blood boil that this sort of thing goes on.

  3. Poor Harry, no wonder he is feeling traumatised! Sounds like the other dog needs to be get on a lead at all times. Hope he is feeling better now.

  4. my god, how scary! Poor Harry, I would have been terrified if a dig came at me like that.

    I love your bird picture, did it come with the lovely frame?

  5. Oh poor Harry. give him a kiss from's awful when that happens especially if your dog is the mild mannered type too. My Harry had a chunk taken out of his side by a golden retriever...cost me £90 in vets bills plus lots of stitches for Harry (more importantly). When I saw the owner again he tried to deny it was his dog. Luckily I had witnesses. Never got a penny out of him though. Haven't seen him since.

    Beautiful bargains by the way, love the tapestry.

  6. Poor Harry. That other dog is dangerous if it'd been attacking other dogs too. What if a child is next?

    I hope you're both feeling better soon, it must have been a traumatic experience for you.

  7. Miss Dog and I send waggy hugs and kisses for the traumatised pair!!! How dreadful. Miss Dog is also very friendly and it does worry me when she lollops up to say a friendly hello to an unfamiliar dog. Trojan needs to wear a muzzle!
    Ps. Thank goodness for the news about Delia. I have her trusty complete cookery book.

  8. oh poor Harry I would be so upset if that happen to my dog. Tricia

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding Harry - sadly this morning he was extremely anxious out on our walk and is very jumpy. Please keep everything crossed for a speedy recovery.
    I am not much better but am able to sip port wine to calm my frayed nerves :)

  10. oh no! poor harry!! i would like to give hime a soothing hug...nasty trojan. (with a name like that he sounds scary even before attack) it must have been horrible. i'm glad he didn't get badly hurt or you for that matter.

    + on to your new old's so lovely. very springlike + a mighty good find. you definitely the thrifter of the week award : )

  11. Oo poor dogeen! I hope the owner was sufficiently apologetic! (stomps foot indignantly)

    Glad you did not have to make choice between cas. and vet.

    BtW loving the jug. Pink and chintz and lovely shape = must be sent immediately to Trash Towers! :-p

  12. How awful for you and your dog. Im so glad to hear he wasnt seriously hurt. Did the owner of the Lab apologise?

    I love vintage items with birds on them, your picture was a great find! The jug will be great for Spring flowers too.

  13. Forgot to say, we love Seasick Steve too and you are right, he was the only really good thing on Hootenany!

  14. poor harry, hope he's feeling a bit brighter today.

    i'm sure i recognise the blue tit tapestry from my days as a cross stitch designer, it looks very familiar


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