Thursday, February 14

Status - Baking

I did a bit of experimenting in the kitchen yesterday…thing about experiments is they can end well or badly….my dairy free rice pudding was a step too far…..
As my diet is meant to be free of many nice things – dairy being one of them I thought I would try making the pudding with rice milk. YUK. We ate it but I shall never do it again….however porridge made with rice milk is OK. Who an I kidding it tastes like cardboard.

My neighbour Sam made gorgeous heart shaped shortbread and brought some round…but as it contained white flour (NO) sugar (definitely not) and butter (Bad) I shouldn’t have let any pass my lips – I ate 4 biscuits – as I didn’t want to offend :)
Stella had been over in the morning bringing with her some homemade healthy bars – you know the kind which had sugar, butter and golden syrup in. I forced it down – delicious. We decided over all as they also contained nuts, seeds and dried fruit that they could possibly have some healthy benefits to them – kidding ourselves naturally.

Today being St Valentine’s day I feel I should make some effort and bake a cake but I don’t really want it in the house calling to me….not sure if there is any such thing as a healthy cake…using wholemeal flour instead of white won’t transport it into a super food – I guess the only healthy cake is one you can say no too!

Thank you once again for all the kind words about Harry’s recent trauma….yesterday he was still very nervous not wanting to go out but today we have made great progress by approaching his walk from a different direction ….he was even OK when a beagle sniffed him so I’m hoping the worst is over.


  1. **happy valentines day gigi**

    healthy baking? no no no!
    glad you had a taste of the good stuff out of politeness! i think it's allowed on thursdays : )

    what about porridge made with water if you want to be really cruel to yourself?!!! i joke of course. good luck with keeping to the "free of" diet! xxx

  2. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Too kind!! I only have porridge made with water and cinnamon..Oh and sometimes sugar - but no milk.
    The N x x

  3. Well that's just mean. Talking about healthy eating while posting photos of gorgeous cakes? Too cruel ..... glad to read that you partook in the sweet stuff though.


    ps. I'm also glad to read that Harry is getting over his horrible day - maybe some cake would cheer him up too ....

  4. dear sweet harry x
    if you are having trouble getting over your trauma and would like a wee holiday in Scotland - then come stay with us ...
    two pretty girls and one very fast growing loopy deerhound x
    talulla, bean and the highland beast

  5. Oh poor Harry, glad to hear he is feeling a bit more like his old self.
    My girls have just admired the photo of your cupcakes... they will be wanting me to make some next! sadly mine never come out as beautiful as those.
    Our friends little girl can't have dairy either and uses rice milk... we especially like custard made from the vanilla rice milk...would that make your rice pudding any more bearable?
    Happy Valentine's day gigi...
    Cake is Good!

  6. I'm not sure I can think of a cake I could say no to. Very glad to hear you were polite to your neighbour and ate her shortbread!
    Also very pleased to hear that Harry is a little less nervous today.


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