Monday, March 17

Never a Dul Moment

Did any of you night owls catch Father Ted last night? It was one of my favourite episodes - Speed 3
‘Oh Father, can Pat Mustard put his massive tool in my box?’
But I am digressing again…. This morning my roofers arrived and as I write an enormous hole has been discovered. You see when it rains I can hear dripping in my front room and before we had the ceiling plastered occasional water dripping on the TV! I won’t bore you with how many men I’ve had climb all over my roof saying it might be this or that I decided enough was enough and a large section of tiles has been removed and hey presto a hole!

Because I have scaffolding my front room has a cave like amount of light so I’m really behind taking photos of Florence Hope stuff.

By the way to any Florence Hope fans we are having our first ever give away over at FH HQ so please feel free to join in


  1. I love the new needlecases Lynn. I have just discovered from your link, that Stella has finally put some posts on to Life Limitating Art, it only took me a fortnight to realise! I hope you have your hole sorted now? x

  2. Love those tags, sometimes it's just really good to be creating something for your own pleasure, you can't really put a price on the buzz you get from that can you?

    Hope the hole in the roof is fixed.

    L x

  3. i LOVE Father Ted!
    now that is a box set i must own one day - you never get bored of watching!
    hope the holes are fixed soon...
    oh - also would like to say how beautiful your two bunnies are on Etsy x
    speak soon
    t x

  4. hope your roof gets fixed asap...too cold for holes overhead right now! keep warm : ) off over to fh hq now for a peek! xx

    p.s. love love love father ted too.

  5. You must be pretty good at dealing with tradesmen by now. I never learned that skill because my dad did everything at our house. I (sometimes unrealistically) expect Mr B to be a handyman too- and lucky for me he has worked hard to develop some skills. Good luck with the hole! Roofs are tricky things. We don't think about them until it starts raining inside. XXX

  6. Great post, great blog. Enjoyed browsing your blog.
    speak soon

  7. This is a lovely blog. The episode of Father Ted you mentioned is my all time favourite, I love Father Dougal, is that the one when he's sat in the back of the car with the headphones on? too funny
    Twiggy x


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