Monday, March 31

Cats and Cakes

This is Monkey. She lives next door.

There was a bit of cat aggro going on outside in the garden....

She was hand reared by my neighbour from 2 weeks old.

Made a batch of Fairy Cakes

These days I enjoy making and photographing them more than the actual eating...must be coming down with something


  1. those cakes look yummy! I shouldn't have read this just before going to bed, lol!

  2. Lynn, I thought you were a girl after my own heart, not enjoying eating fairy cakes, come on! Has Monkey been introduced to your Monkey yet! Oh, and you now know two people who watch Hotel Babylon for a trash fix! x

  3. Yummy looking cakes, keep one for me ;) Monkey looks very sweet, does he like a cuddle?

    L x

  4. 2 of my favourites things : )

    monkey looks very cute + waif like...bosco would be totally scared of her! we have a friendly neighbour cat called felix who looks like monkey's brother. he comes in and makes himself at home here on a regular basis.

    i'd happily help you out with those cakes by the way : )

  5. Cats and cakes - who needs anything else ? a purrrfect combo (groan...I'll get my coat)

  6. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Dear my very pretty face has reached blog land, I am calling the crows for a meeting to discuss world domination....Yours slightly nervous of stuff (that's why I need the crows) Monkey (no kisses unless you ask nicely * yes that is a bum print.

  7. muffin7:12 PM

    I have two monkeys who look just like this one - but they're not called monkey. Neither are the two who don't look like this monkey. I think one at least would like to eat the cakes and I'd like to share but am trying to lose weight - trying being an operative word today.

  8. Oh hooray, I've found you again ... I commented ages ago, and thought I'd subscribed to your blog, but I must have done something wrong (it wouldn't be the first time *blush*)

    Those cakes look scrummy, and so does Monkey. x

  9. Ah sorry monkey..I missed you, you're lovely and look like our cat winnie when she was younger(but she's scraggy looking as she's very old) My friend had a ginger cat called Gibbon..we need to find one called chimpanzee or orang-utan now!
    yummy... fairy cakes!


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