Friday, March 28


Finally got around to hanging some pictures this morning. Not the easiest of tasks with my harder than hard walls but with the help of Stella’s brother and power tools downstairs is now bedecked with the backlog of pictures that have been waiting for display since we moved.

The house is beginning to look nice.
Looking back at my early ‘before’ and ‘during’ photos I can hardly believe we lived in such a hovel…

In some ways the longer it takes to complete the longer you have to define your own personal taste which changes with time. It was never going to be a quick transformation here as we had to go right back to square one.

Plus we have to stop and save up for things…. But in my opinion that is good.

Hall. Chest of drawers is down for a paint job....current favourite colour option Farrow & Ball's Light Blue - mainly because I have a tin doing nothing.
Keep Calm and Carry mantra

N.B.The poster was purchased from for £3.60 plus p&p


  1. oh your place looks so lovely lynn!

    i just want to sit in that chair by your woodstove with harry at my feet...eating your cakes! your home really is nice + seeing before and afters is even better. you've done so much to turn it into your's been fun seeing the journey whilst you do all the hard work!!

    that chest of drawers will look delish in f+b blue by the way. and i thoroughly approve of your mantra...can i copy? xxx

  2. I have that poster in my work room, and try to take notice of it when a deadline is looming. Your shelves look fab and I like your chest of drawers too.

  3. It looks like all your hard work is paying off. It looks so lovely and welcoming.

  4. I would love to be curled up by the fire too! I think your mantra is just perfect. Can I copy too? I don't think I'd get one of those thingys (can't think of name- the wordy mantra thing) here. I've got my eye on a chest of drawers for a pretty blue coat of paint too. It is tricky how our tastes change because I have so much trouble settling on one look so end up cluttered. Not in the new house (maybe that should be my mantra). XXX

  5. Hi Lynn, thanks for your email..odd how we all find each other isnt it! I adore your blog having looked over your older posts too and have added it to my favourites. Your house looks really,really true what you said about tastes evolving over time when you're doing somewhere up, I would do my own house so differently if I could do it all again,much simpler...maybe its a good job I'm moving in that case!
    Sairer x

  6. What a cosy and restful room - I really enjoy your photographs and your writing. Where did you find the Keep Calm Print... I think I need it!

  7. Your house looks very nice, calm and relaxing... must be the poster!
    if you are up for a tag to reveal some more 'gigi' ness please check my blog. No worries if not. Have a good week.
    ginny x

  8. Anonymous8:54 PM

    UUMM seeing your cat woman picture makes me think I really, really must get mine in a frame!! The N XX

  9. Looks like things are coming along very nicely! You should be very proud of your progress.


  10. Ooh, it looks so lovely already, I can't wait to see how it all comes together :)

  11. Your house is looking lovely. I do love the stove particularly. Thank you for the link to Barter books. I've gone straight there and ordered the poster as I've been wanting it myself for so long but had only seen it ready framed in 'Pedlars' catalogue for the unjustifiable price of £94! Now a trip to Ikea and I will have my own for a fraction of the cost. I think keep calm and carry on is as relevant today as it was then, if not more so!


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