Tuesday, March 18

I heart Denmans

Stella and I had a little mini adventure this morning – a two for one offer on entry fees drew us to Denmans Garden.
John Brooks the renowned garden designer lives there and designed the garden…. I could almost say it’s the West Sussex equivalent to the famous Petersham Nursery in Surrey.

Stella pulled almost straight away
The Garden Centre part has been really developed in a mostly tasteful way....

There are always exceptions of course

Are you looking at me?
This bunny belongs to me....but at £40 English pounds he's staying put for the time being....

Which way is the garden entrance?

There are so many lovely vistas

The only two in the garden and one of us gets in the way....

Even this time of year there were lots of interesting plants to admire and you can see how well thought out the planting is.
The only fly in the ointment was the cafe....quite simply it was an homage to bad taste. I was going to take a few pictures to illustrate my point but Stella forbade me. It could be fantastic but it was not only dated ( but relatively new)but 'dressed' in an overly theatrical manner. We are considering writing a letter

This is for Tracy


  1. you did pop that present for me under your coat - right?
    t x

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Fine, I assume the only reason I wasn't invited was because I had to go to work.....so not offended that you've never taken me there before...whatever...I'm really busy anyway.
    The Neighbour.

  3. Looks like a great little trip, apart from those peskie elves ;)

  4. No offence but I may not have 'got lucky' if you were there neighbour, too much competition;)

  5. You can't beat a mini adventure on a Tuesday, the garden looks beautiful and if it was nearer I'd have a trip out....daughter has a new camera so we're planning some photo opportunities. You must write that letter, maybe it will make them look again at their catering facilities! Although if it's quite new presumably someone planned for it to look that way!

  6. Stella really does have pretty hair! It looks well behaved. I love visiting display gardens and garden centres. I am rather disgusted that the cafe was a despicable homage to all things distasteful. Also disappointed that Stella put the leash on capturing the spectacle so now we can't have a good bloggy ridicule session. Mr Monty sends his much relieved whiskery kisses after his drama at the hospital. He is feeling better XXX. So is his mummy.


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