Tuesday, March 25

Waiting for Tescos

As I write I have one eye on the road looking out for my neighbours Tesco delivery….it’s actually the first time I have sat down as I have just had a bit of a trip out to…..I know you will all be green with envy, Portsmouth Football Club where my husband queued in the cold for about half an hour to pay for his season ticket. We also perused the Pompey club shop for tacky goods that at least one of us was desperate to buy….I’ll let you make your own minds up to which one it was!
However I did enjoy myself as I was taken for a ride through old Portsmouth and the surrounding areas that although on paper wouldn’t have much in the way to recommend themselves were very interesting never the less.
I had my camera but we didn’t stop so I had no chance to illustrate my journey but what fascinated me and will no doubt call for a return visit was all the little old shops and their fascias written in old fonts. It was almost a time capsule of the past. There was even an old pub completely tiled in glossy brown and cream majolica type tiles. I had an urge to walk in for a drink – you know Withnail and I style and ask for the finest wine known to mankind and then run out except if course I can’t run anymore….
I visited 3 charity shops in my local village and spent a total of £7.00
Brown cord jacket, peg apron, old curtain. Obviously all absolutely necessary -NOT

Old Curtain....went back today for the other one but it had gone.

Today's booty...spotted by my eagle eyed neighbour.

I have yet to clean it up but already I can see what a marvellous prop it will be for my food photos.

Not the best photo of the peg apron but enough for you to the idea.


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I'm home!
    Another day trip without me.....really!!!
    I saw something I should have bought you in a charity shop today...but I hesitated..It was white with red cherries and a table cloth with napkins....I'll go back tomorrow.
    the Neighbour

  2. White with red cherries? I am both intrigued and alarmed.....tablecloth with napkins.....you know how to get me excited don't you?

  3. I like your new header - very stylish. I am intrigued by the vision of you decked out in full Pompey kit - it is a part of your life that you don't often write about.

  4. Alice C - what a sense of humour you have!
    I'm glad you like my new banner:)

  5. Portsmouth is an interesting place, I'd like to go back for a longer visit sometime. I spent a day there a couple of years ago and left wanting to explore more of it; I remember when we sailed to France from there admiring the scenery as the ferry sailed past some of the old buildings, it looked fascinating. I'm guessing your Husband is the footie fan not you BTW! I think you're more excited about the possible white object with cherries than some tacky football souvenir!

  6. Can't wait to see the booty! XXX

  7. I am Elinor Dashwood. Is that good news or bad?

  8. I love the way that you and your neighbour communicate through the medium of blog. So much easier than actually getting up and going round, don't you find?


    ps. Regarding that print .... a pigeon operating a sewing machine? What a ridiculous-LY FABULOUS idea!!

  9. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Oh its a budgie!!!
    The Neighbour x
    P.s Dear Monkee maker, come the summer the garden fence will be seeing some action...until then we are separated by the weather!

  10. That curtain is rather cool. I bet whoever got the other one won'tuse it as well as you.
    I also think a peg apron is a much better idea than a peg bag.


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