Tuesday, October 28

On Trend

Fashion makes me laugh.

As I don’t buy women’s magazines anymore the only way I come across what’s hot is by way of the supplements that come with papers at the weekend. Personally this is more than enough – there was a time in my life many moons ago when I did want to look edgy and on trend but I’m glad that time has passed.
However on Sunday I was rather pleased and I dare say surprised when I found that several key items for this season happened to be in my autumn wardrobe.
Going off on a slight tangent did any of you suffer Twiggy’s Frock Swap?
The biggest pile of dodo I think I have seen in a long while…

Anyway back to me being fashionable – haha well it happens that camel coloured scarves are hot – that’s brilliant because my lovely friend Tif just sent me one

Breton stripy tops are a fashion classic – great because I have lived in stripes for most of my adult life; indeed when I was in my 20’s was considered quite ‘hot’ wearing my stripy tops and black jeans…. these days the only time I look hot is when I've put too many logs on the wood burner or having a hot flush…

I think that most of us find a particular ‘style’ somewhere in our teenage or early 20’s and more or less stick to it….whether or not this is good depends I guess on what style that you choose.

In my personal experience I have found the most stylish and well dressed women to be those who know what suits them and who don’t follow fashion.


  1. I love your carefully styled fashion shot - lucky you receiving such a gorgeous scarf. Sadly I can't wear stripes because they are too curve-enhancing... I end up looking like a pupa.

    I am enjoying all these updates! You must have second wind...


  2. Hi,
    I had many stipey bretton style tops from my days at Laura Ashley!
    Worn with various spotty scarves.
    I just wear a complete mix of styles now,vintage all the better.x

  3. Thank you. I don't follow the fashion. Maybe I would if fashion was not so ugly this days.

    PS: I'm wearing stripes this moment.


  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Dahling - YOU ARE FASHION!!!!
    The Neighbour x x

  5. Love this post, having studied fashion, it's something I should be up on, but like you don't really do fashion mags, give me a good book any day. My sister is a slave to fashion (early 20's!) and continually teases me for my country look and lack of make-up - my general retort is that I don't need lots of slap to look good!

    I'm most definitely a stripes girl, especially if they're red, in fact anything red does is for me.

    Great photos :)

    L x

  6. hooray for stripes!! (i. can. not. get. enough of them!) and i agree wholeheartedly on the fashion thing. i never quite got it when my mum would say she just couldn't do the flares again but when the 80s look hit the high street i knew exactly what she meant...when you wore it the 1st time round it's not the same : ( i do absolutely love clothes but for me it's all about what i like not what i'm told to like that works. your camel coloured scarf is quite fabulous (clever tif!) by the way...enjoy sporting it oh hot one! xxx

  7. Anonymous6:54 PM

    To be hinest I don't really follow fashion as such, I buy what I like and if I love it I wear it for years.

    I never really thought about how you pick a style and kind of stick with it but actually that is so true!

    I find myself mainly in cotton scarves and enjoy layering tops and wearing jackets with brooches (I keep thinking of one of yours actually.... might buy myself one) I went through a stage of wearing as many brooches as I could at one time! I also do not ever wear heels preferring comfy flats. For my wedding I wore gorgeous indian slippers that I still wear out sometimes now.

    Thanks that was an interesting post that made me think and also giggle too!

  8. Anonymous6:58 PM


    I do apologise for my spelling, I can (spell) only I never check before pressing that send button! oops!

  9. I don't even begin to try and keep up with fashion trends but sometimes it's nice to know you're not completely stuck in a time-warp! I love the scarf and stripey top, stripes aren't good for me being rather ample in the bust department but I do like that look. Some women seem to be able to put together clothes and look so stylish, I'm not very good at it so I still feel I'm trying to find my own sense of style.

  10. i love stripes...especially on tights, socks, tops and cats...i'm not keen on them when seen on walls, bedding, cars and spiders...

    i love scarves...especially on you...

    Tif x

  11. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Think you've started something great here. Made me think. Whenever I can't decide what to wear, which is often, I go for a mix of denim, white cotton and black. I loved what was Katherine Hepburn's philosophy, and she used camel and red a lot. I'm a size 16/18 and have recently discovered La Bass and other linen layering labels, mostly second hand. Love your posts by the way.

  12. "In my personal experience I have found the most stylish and well dressed women to be those who know what suits them and who don’t follow fashion." I agree completely! It's the really really fashionable who look fine now but laughable when looking back at the photos in 5 years.
    Just found your blog. I love your creations :o)


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