Friday, October 31

That Friday Feeling

As I write this I have a casserole in the oven which is a lovely feeling as I think I have perfected the art of very little preparation with the maximum results…..I haven’t ‘browned’ my meat for several years now and even our Jamie says you don’t have too. Thanks for that endorsement Jamie but at my level of cooking I really don’t think the flavour suffers.

I may pop a rice pudding in as well - it fills a hole as we say in my family and while the oven is on low and has space it makes good economic sense.

While Nigel watched American football highlights I escaped upstairs to my sewing nook to take some photos as I MUST STOCK UP FOLKSY and despite liking my little photo shoots always seem to find reasons to put it off until another day.
Of course once ensconced up there in my eerie I started playing with bits and bobs as I want to have enough stock photos to draw on as I need to update banner pictures. A feeble justification but I is sticking with it.

Gratuitous shots of haberdashery......


  1. I love a casserole, so easy to prepare, and with herby dumplings one of my favourite meals.Funnily enough that's what we had too for lunch last Sunday with rice pudding to follow.....Your vintage haberdashery looks so nice, there's something very satisfying about old reels of cotton, I have a jar of them on my shelf.Have a good weekend, hope that Friday feeling lasts!

  2. Gratuitous or not, I like them!

  3. Sounds like a nice Friday night to me. And casserole followed by rice pudding is perfection to me. Enjoy!

  4. You can never have too many shots of haberdashery, can you?

    As for the casserole ... mmmmmmmmm. I'll pass on the rice pudding though - have always hated it, not sure why, but mum says even as a baby, even if it was liquidised, I spat it out.


  5. Anonymous10:55 PM

    mmm nothing better than casserole for a cold winter night. I never brown the meat either, Just chuck it in the slow cooker and leave it there in really low all day. Yum.

    I love the browned tape measure, and the gold "SEW" letters, lovely pics x

  6. Anonymous8:12 AM

    You haberdashery slut.
    The neighbour x

  7. Ther is noting wrong with a little gratity - lovely shots they would make lovely cards - have you been on I just made all our thank you cards for Christmas using my bog pics.
    Love H

  8. You just can't beat a bit of haberdashery - even the word is fabulous!

    I tend to leave all the cooking to Stephen as he does a much better job and likes the glory. I just tidy up and load the dishwasher!

  9. Hi there, mmmmm casserole. Yum. Just the weather for it too. Not so keen on the rice pud but then I can't take anything creamy.

    You always have such great photos I think you do them really nicely.


  10. Give me cotton wound on a Proper Wooden Spool any day -much more satisfying than a plastic thing!
    And casserole followed by rice pudding - bliss on a cold autumn evening
    Blessings- Angela

  11. What a gorgous cup and buttons.

  12. Yes youi must stock up Folksy! I want a Lulu!

  13. Casserole and rice pudding! Sounds like the perfect combination with the weather as chilly as it's been lately. Love the haberdashery shots.

  14. a-week-on-friday-feeling!

    sounds as good today as 7 days ago...and i now see your folksy shop has new stock and a new banner so you've been a productive lady! looks fab and i'll be nipping over with my shopping basket soon! x


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