Sunday, October 26

Pressing Buttons

I am an introvert.
And you know what? It’s one thing I’m rather proud of.
Liking my own company and being very happy to be on my own has been a real blessing in my life.
Having a very defined internal life is great for being able to retreat into when the world around me gets too much.
I almost feel sorry for all those ‘people persons’ that need constant external stimuli to define themselves…..but I don’t…..
However the downside of my personality type is if I can’t be on my own I get very unpleasant to be around…..and having my recuperating husband at home has been a challenge.
Because of my near constant ‘thinking’ state I decided to try and discover why I like blogging and what is it about a blog that makes it interesting?

One thing that is a huge deciding factor for me is the visuals – there are some things that regardless of how interesting, fascinating, revelatory a blog might be if it looks bad I can’t read it. Black or dark backgrounds, bad photos, no photos, advertising and my biggest bete noire music make it impossible for me to visit.
I’m not saying that these are bad things necessarily but they are things that I personally can’t get past.
And just so I can contradict myself I can come across a beautiful blog – the layout, fonts, photos only to discover it is dull as ditchwater.
So where am I going here? Well although I write for my own amusement I want my blog to be interesting, visually attractive and worthy of regular visitation but I feel it can only be those things to a reader who is similar to myself in personality or am I barking up a wrong tree?
I recently discovered a blog – it has everything I like – beautiful photos of very expertly made knitted and sewn items; nice pets and lovely home…..but what keeps me returning to this blog is trying to discover the writers motivation – what drives her to produce one beautiful thing after another – how she manages such output while running a busy household. That is what I find fascinating. I think….
If you are into personality types then you will be familiar with Myers- Briggs and as my own particular type is only represented by 6% of the population I am aware I will never become widely read but I am OK about that.I am not a people pleaser.

Nigel, has gone off to Wembley to watch American Football. So I have the day to myself. I have a lovely vegetarian lunch planned – a little play on my new sewing machine and with some vintage haberdashery….which is probably quite pathetic and sad on so many levels but for me it’s turning into a perfect Sunday.


  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I can hear you tunnelling out!!!
    The Neighbour. X

  2. "Black or dark backgrounds, bad photos, no photos, advertising and my biggest bete noire music make it impossible for me to visit."

    *Blushes furiously*

    I'm wondering about stopping the music on my blog. Maybe I can change it so the music has to be 'turned on' instead of coming on automatically? I personally love music, but I know it's not everyone's cup of Earl Grey.

    I too love a nicely 'laid out' blog. I don't like adverts either. But mostly it is the person behind the blog (for we all know a personality shines through the pictures and words) which keeps me coming back.

    I read your blog long before I commented on it. I just loved your work, and the restful atmosphere of your blog.

    I've written a novel in your comment box. Sorry about that. (But at least it doesn't have music ;-) )


  3. Are you a Virgo by any chance?

  4. You and I are so similar! I feel identically to you about the introvert thing as well as blog likes and dislikes. I think the main main main and absolutely the most important thing is to write it for yourself first and foremost and is what I always try to do. It also happens to be the key to true creativity, I think, but that's another day, another comment!

  5. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I definitly agree with you on the things that put you off on blogs. I think I am put off by the same things. I also cannot read those "preaching blogs" that have many bible quotes, I have nothing against people who have faith, I just don't like the feeling of being preached to at all. I also feel disapointed if there are no pictures on a blog, I am a visual person and love to see lovely pictures.

    Also, my cousins have gone to see American football too, might be the same game?

  6. your sunday sounds quite perfect to me too...i have something similar planned for my monday afternoon when i finish work at the post office. and i have fingers crossed that i get no visitors or phone calls for those few hours! i definitely need the balance of solitude after facing the crowds at the counter.

    reasons why i keep coming back to your blog? well your writing just seems so natural to me and i like how you kickstart debates. i somehow don't have the confidence to do that myself. your personality really shines through and with the quantities of real life, good visuals and creativity i think you have perfect recipe for what makes a blog work.

    light backgrounds are a must for me by the way! x

  7. mmm nothing like honesty. I love this post. It is so true. I think I am an extrovert just as equal as an introvert. In order to be an effective extrovert, I need to be an introvert. Otherwise people steam roll me which leaves me feeling easily out of control. Today is an introverted day and I was still tossing up the idea of visiting long time missed friends at my parents house, after a weekend of full on people chatter and goings on. I would go insane if my husband was a stay at home all rounder. I definitely need my space in the home. I hope you recover yourself. I work casually and I think I love that for the reason that I can recharge my batteries, on the days during the week that I dont have to work. Free spirits need not to be tied down on any level but they need grounding. I hope my blog doesnt bore too many people. I think that it does though. I want it to entertain people but Im working on how to do this. Hats off to those of us who believe in staying true to themselves, even if we are boring to others. I have done the myers briggs but forget what I am. Its important to understand our personality types as best we can. PS I love your jars with buttons and other things in them.

  8. pps while we're on the topic, a guy at work the other day goes so what do you do in your spare time? I went "make cards and sell them". He goes you live a dull life. Too slow for a come back I thought obviously you dont feel as intensely as I do about life and things, and dont require great amounts of time off from the world. the appropiate response wouldve been "each to their own".

    and PPPPPS those things put me off blogs too, I identify with the term "cant get past".

  9. Oh and I love the green house/kennel all the photos.

  10. Anonymous5:41 AM

    What is the name of the beautiful new blog you discovered?

  11. Oh dear, I thought my beautiful clasical music was a boon, if you ever visit me please mute your PC.
    I read your poting wit interest and as a rather inquisitive person myself I have decided to expose myself and tell you something rather private, how strange that you can feel that you can do that to a perfect stranger but not family and friends but this may help other people so I shall tell you exactly why I blog. Some time ago I had to come off anti-depresants, due to health reasons - they were destroying my liver!! I come across as an exrovert but us arty types are often wrecks underneath. I found it vey difficult this summer and a dear friend suggested a journal to help - but beautiful as it was, I never wrote in it - then I started to blog. It has been wonderful - a real tonic. Goodness knows if my ramblings are of any interest or my pictures of any quality but it has certainly helped me. It always amazes me that I have few coments but hundreds of visits so some people must enjoy visiting. I hope this comment may help others and I hope you don't find my honesty too intimate for sharing on a blog.

  12. I identify with so much here. I thrive on my own, and can easily feel like I'm disappearing down the plughole if I don't have enough time to self, or if there's people overload. Please share the new blog, sounds like somewhere I'd like to visit. And agree re photos/words, too. Love that little kennel!

  13. I'm with you one the liking your own company - I have a pathalogical need to be on my own, I cna only put up with so many days of constant company, even Andy's and I'm afraid I get antsy with anyone else after a few hours...
    As for blogs with music on...I flee from them and never return! Especially as I am usually listening to the radio online at the time. I like your blog simply because.

  14. I am terrible if I don't have some time each day on my own - I now get a free pass even on holiday as otherwise I become horrible -

    I think you are a people pleaser by the way - you just pick your people with care!


  15. Good post ! We are very similar it seems - I could have written those words (re the blog preferences and especially personality wise). That's what I love about your blog - the honesty and the fact that you manage to put your finger on these things so well.

  16. Lovely post!
    It is all explained why and how lovely above. I like the human side of it.

  17. Hi Lyn,
    you are not alone. I like my own company and if I can't have some time alone - on my own - I get antsy too!

    I just retreat to my studio for some me time! It keeps me sane - just!

  18. a very interesting post my dear Lynn...your honesty was the attraction for me from the very begining :)

    i know my reason for continuing to helps me find the 'funny side' of my life which i didn't always see before...suddenly you become totally in tune with your surroundings, you seem to 'hear' and 'see' for the first time again...and probably the best bit about blogging is finding like minded people, which makes you breathe a sigh of relief and realize you are not the only 'mad' one out there just trying to get through life the best way you can...

    oh and you didn't add to your list of 'dislikes', bloggers who are 'quotation' nuts.
    our #2 has told me on many an occasion that i am a 'quotation abuser' and need to get a 'grip' she is the grand age of 15 and everything her mother does is 'annoying', i shall continue my 'quotation abuse' for her and her alone ;)

  19. I'm an introvert too. I like to be with myself and most of my life is interior.
    About blogs: I can't stand black or dark backgrounds either.
    I just hoppe you don't find my blog too "ditchwater".


  20. llystIn a nutshell, I agree! I think most people involved in creative activities are very sensitive to visuals - I move on swiftly from blogs whose style jars with my own sense of aethetics. I really love knitting blogs or knitting content in a blog - I can barely knit and am in awe of anyone who can. I also enjoy reading about other peoples creative journeys - there is always something new to learn.

  21. Read it once then read it again to make sure but still couldn't find the link or name of the blog you mentioned. Shame. I would have liked to go and have a look. That's a good thing about blogging - the fact that I like yours and therefore it is feasible that I will like the ones you like too and so much easier than searching myself. But unless you say what it was, I can't even make that decision ...

  22. Another introvert here. I think that there are times when I'm too introverted, like over the past few months, hence the serious lack of posts on my blog.
    I totally agree with you about your blog likes and dislikes. I love looking at other bloggers crafts, homes and jaunts to interesting places as I find them inspiring.
    I'd also love to see the blog you've recently discovered!


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