Tuesday, October 14

Patient, Pumpkins and a New Baby

I have a patient. My husband. He is home recuperating from a hernia operation.
Had the operation at 3.30pm and was discharged and home by 6.45pm
I rang the doctors today (Tuesday) to get the wound checked on Friday (note I rang – my husband doesn’t do phone calls unless they are about sport) and he can’t even get to see a doctor it will be the practice nurse…..
I know techniques have moved on and let’s face it it’s probably safer for him to be at home but really it seems to be almost do it yourself these days.
If Harry has an accident or needs medical attention I ring and he gets seen the same day. Not only do we see a vet of our choice but never feel rushed or feel like we are wasting their time.I often think that that Harry gets better medical care than we do.

Yesterday I had a lovely man come and see my poorly sewing machine.
Although he fixed the problem it was decided to put it out to pasture and just like that I now have procession of a brand new baby.
I am still in shock really.
Talking to someone that really knew the technical implications of different machines was like a breath of fresh air as although I have been trying to research what make and model I would like hearing first hand what makes are prone to breakdown made me realize how nigh on impossible it is to make a sound decision.
I shall introduce you another day as she’s rather shy.
I might even open up suggestions for a name….as long as they aren’t silly

I leave you with some photos of pumpkins - it's that time a year after all.
I believe the 'Pumpkin House' at Slindon is going to featured on Gardener's World soon....

Apparently another bad year for pumpkins.

Turk's Head

This year's theme was The Loch Ness Monster.


  1. It's funny you should talk about the new baby. I am contemplating a new machine, mine is twenty years old now and has served me well. A nice simple machine which allows ME to do all the work- I feel traumatised at the thought of getting a new machine which you programme and leave to do your sewing for youI I also feel like I am deserting my old faithful and being disloyal. I would be interested to know what you have bought - I am terrified of doing research. Love the pumpkins, H XXX

  2. Oooh, can't wait to meet your new baby. Would also be interested to hear what advice the mechanic gave you about sewing machines in general.

    Hope Mr Gigibird is much better soon. x

  3. Oh your poor husband, but yes they do try to get everyone out of hospital as quickly as possible these days due to all those ghastly super infections that breed in them.
    Know what you mean about vets, I've said for years that if ever I need medical attention I'd rather see our vet than go to a GP or hospital.
    I suppose there will be quite a bit of bonding going on with the new baby over the next few days. Looking forward to seeing the results and meeting the little darling!
    Beat wishes to Mr G for a speedy recovery.
    Carolyn x

  4. So I wonder what brand of baby did you get, I guess we will have to just be patient and wait.
    Hope hubby is doing well, I know what you mean about the vet clinic, it is the same here to, never a wait at all, what's up with that!

  5. It is a bit weird how they practicaly chuck you out of bed in hospital these days,it was the same for my son too chopped up at 2 and home by 8..he was even still a bit dopey from the anaesthetic. Hope the Mr gets well soon anyway.I've been hearing all about my neighbours hernia op recently..he ended up with bruised man-bits.hmmm nice (I didnt ask how!)
    I would dearly love a new sewing machine,mine sounds like a lawnmower,it will be interesting to see which new baby you picked..I bet she's a very quiet, well behaved, all singing all dancing baby too.

    Nice knobbly pumpkins Lynn.

  6. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I know what you mean about the UK medical care. It sometimes feels like they just don't (care). I really notice the difference now I live in Belgium, I get seen the same day here too and the brilliant care is one of the reasons I never want to leave. I feel for the hard working doctors and nurses in the UK as it really is the system that is the problem, but when will the government do anything real about it?

    I hope the hubby is feeling better soon x

    The pumpkins are fab, at this time of year most of the people in Belgium have little pumkin displaye on their doorsteps, I haven't ever joined in....yet.

  7. Oh those glorious pumpkins! Your photos are excellent, so clear. I wish there was such a pumpkin farm in Somerset, I'd be there in a flash. Can't wait to hear more about your new sewing machine, I bet it has the most evocative 'new' smell and everything pristine and untouched by fluff! I bought an overlocker in April and I'm still in raptures about it now. Happy sewing! Denise

  8. Fab Pumpkins!
    Hope your hubby is on the mend soon.(and that he does not have you running around, too much!);-)

  9. Love them there pumpkins

  10. welcome to the world new machine! how are you sleeping? hope she's settled into the household well. will you be allowed to sew card on this one?? looking forward to the introduction and the results of new florence hope pieces. what happened to the poorly machine?

    and how is poorly nigel? hopefully on the mend with you and nurse harry at hand : )

    did you buy a pumpkin? so much nicer than those boring ones in the supermarkets! x

  11. Mogwaii12:09 AM

    My baby/babies are all called Bernina and they are glorious!! Quiet, reliable, all parts can be replaced but never have to be because they are METAL. It's got to be Bernina and as you can see from the blog...mine gets worked to the core. Please let your new baby be one and come to me for advice next time. It's one of the very few things I actualy know about.
    I love the pumpkins and strength to you and your herniacious man.

  12. Looking forward to hearing more about your new baby, mine is 25 years old now and long overdue to be replaced! I think if I had a decent machine I'd get back into sewing again but I really have no idea which make to go for.
    Mr G is probaly better off at home, less time spent in hospital the better in my opinion. Poor fella though, he must be very sore.

  13. My Bernina is away for her yearly service at the moment - the house feels strangely quiet . . .
    i hope that Nigel is a better patient than my hub.

  14. Hello lovely lady!

    It's a miracle but I actually grew blue pumpkins this year! Squashes NEVER ever grow in my garden but for some reason the Crown Princes did really well!

    Hugs to your poorly man and machine.

  15. Oh I do love the Pumpkin man. His displays are amazing. I haven't been there for ages. Have been a few times when I've visited my friend in Brighton or when I've been on one of my pilgramages to Chichester. Must try to go again one year.


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