Wednesday, March 11

Shopping in Brighton

Stella and I popped to Brighton this morning with the sole purpose of buying some clothes.

My attempts at photographing myself in my new outfits weren’t that successful

Photo: This top has fluted sleeves....but I missed them...

However I am very pleased with the pieces I bought.

Without trying I have lost quite a bit of weight recently…. so it was rather nice to discover my usual size too big.

Thinking about how this weight loss occurred I am pretty sure it is due to smaller portions due to my lack of appetite….I wasn’t limiting myself of any particular food groups….I want to continue doing this as it is relatively easy to stick too – eat what you want but not so much.


  1. Oooh, lovely to see a little glimpse of you! Did you need to lose weight then? You look like a skinny person from that shot. Glad you had a good retail experience - it can do wonders at lifting the spirits, can't it? x

  2. You look very mysterious here. I like the pewter grey of your woollie. Do you remember being a child? 'Put a woollie on, you'll catch your death'... However, yours wouldn't be warm enough for me - I am extremely 'nesh' as they say up here in Manchester, and need to have my neck well wrapped up.

  3. Absolutely the best way, after all a little bit won't hurt did it?

  4. Well your neck looks great... I LOOOOVE grey....

  5. I haven't been to Brighton for years, I am glad that you had a wonderful time and found some lovely new clothes.


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