Thursday, April 9


I am having a rather pleasant afternoon wrapped up in a blanket (is it me or is it cold today?) watching The Vikings while I nibble on some of these

Photo: Melting Moments
I will snap into action later but for now I am enjoying not doing much.


  1. it's not just you - it's pretty chilly today!

  2. it is really cold here today too...
    sadly i have no yummy homemade delights to enjoy but i am always pleased to see yours :)
    t x

  3. odin...odin! (a favourite family film me and my cousin watched it so many times at my grandparents house)

    an afternoon with your curtis and a blanket sounds super-cosy. chilly here too but i was having a hot flush in the post office...a combination of a grumpy customer and boiling hot radiators! x

  4. At work it is my job to order the office stationery from the Viking Direct catalogue and every single time I do this, my senior colleague starts to sing the theme tune from this film...

    It is cold here too :-(

  5. I put a jumper on this morning ... and then later had to go back and put a cardigan on top of the jumper! So no, it's not just you. Those biscuits look wonderful. x

  6. A bit of nothing once in a while is practically essential for ones well being.

  7. It was chilly yes.
    That ..if you pardon me saying so...does not look like 'a smaller portion' !

  8. Those look yummy, it's sounds like you are having a great time.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  9. ha! having just sent you a mail on flickr, I've just found your blog.

    I'll add it to my crafty blog

    nice to find you here too


  10. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Greetings from Madchester - eh now!!
    The Neighbour xxxx

  11. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Did you make those? They look yummy!

  12. It had been rather chilly here too, any of those yummy looking biscuits left...?!
    L x

  13. OMG! I need that melting moments recipe. They were the only baking my Mum did and I would love to share it with my kids. Doesnt it involve custard powder?

    Anyway when you have a free moment (ha ha!) then if you could share the recipe I would be really grateful.

    Love Emma xxxxxx


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