Friday, July 31

Concerning Cakes

Last night I spent a very enjoyable hour reading one of my favourite baking books deciding what to make today.
I had settled on Berkeley Buns, a ginger and cherry concoction but as I’m having my neighbour over for tea who has an aversion to ginger (strange girl) I am turning instead to an old stalwart Raspberry Buns.

As you can see Harry isn’t very interested in the theory of baking however he pops his batteries in when they come out of the oven.
These simple little buns taste lovely and what I like about them is the ingredients are always to hand.
They are best eaten fresh.

I recommend this book by Julie Duff if you are a baking fan - probably not for a beginner.


  1. how scrumptious! your baking adventures never fail to delight...i shall look up the book in the library. enjoy your afternoon tea Xx

  2. These look mouthwatering. I've never heard of raspverry buns. I may well investigate that book x

  3. Loving the fact that Harry's not at all interested,.... & imagining him with batteries poking out!!
    Your posts, alway make me smile, you have a great why of making the ordinary very, very, funny...
    Keep 'em coming..
    Marion ;0)


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