Sunday, August 2

Murder Most Fishy

Nigel called me into the garden this morning and said I had better see something…..I thought by his tone a dead frog….worse a dead bird…..WORSE a dead fish covered in leaves at the end of the garden! His little fishy guts were hanging out.
Funeral arrangements were hastily arranged and he has been laid to rest in my ‘cutting garden’ –a plastic pot covers the spot….until I can find something tasteful.

PHOTO: Happier times at the pond
I am pretty sure it is the work of a cat and my finger pointed straight to Jackson who has a history since being put on a diet of supplementing his rations with frogs and birds….but his mummy has given him an alibi for last night – the new double locked cat flap was in lock down.

PHOTO: The prime suspect has been ruled out....
This is the first fish we have lost and I am loathed to resort to netting but if the perpetrator has a taste for death he/she may return.

PHOTO: RIP little fish....who's hobbies included swimming and eating.


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    rip little fish... condolences to you all!
    glad jackson has been ruled out of the investigation!

  2. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I woz so not me Anty!! I waz like all loked up wiv the mumma & pappa peopl. Bt maybee it waz coz I iz hungry al the time, stuped diet!!!
    Luv Mr,J. XXX

  3. deary me. let's hope this is a one off and not a serial...

    i gather that jackson is in his teens from the late night curfew and text speak?! Xx

  4. Poor fishy! I remember the horror of seeing a heron getting out goldfish through the netting on our pond! One survived a few months two were dead and it ate two others! we did not get anymore!


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