Wednesday, July 29

Outside Thoughts

Edward Scissorhands/Stella visited yesterday and gave my bay tree a bit of a trim.
I love topiary and I definitely want more…and a knot garden but that will probably never happen but a girl can dream

A glimpse

Apologies for the garden pest being in the way

Mottisfont Abbey but one day........


  1. nice work stella! we have a box hedge right along our front lawn and it's just about the right height now after about 4 years growing from little plants and all joined up at last...i like giving it a haircut but have to be mindful not to go too mad and undo all the hard work it's done so far. Xx

    hi harry!

  2. Never give up hope... maybe you will get to have a knot garden one day :-)

    At the moment my garden is a mushy mess of rained-on leggy plants that have collapsed. Where is summer?


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