Sunday, August 16

Green Fairy

Old fashioned green household soap.

As soon as I took it out of its packaging a wave of childhood memories of my Granny and her spotless time warp kitchen came to mind.
There was always a block of green household soap in constant use and a bar of Palmolive….upstairs in her underwear draw bars of Camay hid amongst her delicates.
Nigel wanted to clean a pair of trainers and the green bar of nostalgia was just right for the job.


  1. I use green laundry soap for stains, it's a lot cheaper than Vanish! Also have some Mornay soaps in my linen drawers. My Grandmother used to keep spare bars of soap in the bed linen drawer.

  2. The smell of soap is so evocative. Palmolive takes me straight back to my Granny's. There was a funny sort of toothpaste in a tin that I can remember too, a sort of dry cake you rubbed your brush on...??

  3. oh, I love the smell of that soap! My Granny used that, along with red bars of Lifebouy which we bought from the hardware store wrapped in newspaper. The good old days!

  4. Oh yes, my Grandma used Fairy soap like that to scrub the collars of my Popsie's ( Grandpa) shirts. I'm going to look out for it when I go shopping for a nostalgia kick, but my husband can scrub his own shirts.

  5. We always used to have Palmolive at home - I remember the adverts promising eternal youth if you washed your face with it!

    Pomona x

  6. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I love this soap..mainly because its green and I do like green.I'd like to try the carbolic soap too.

    ok so where's the HH cage then?

    S x

  7. We have Palmolive and Camay, but I've never seen that Fairy soap... Wa... I want some!

    Hey, I just realized what Palm=olive means, ha ha.


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