Thursday, August 20

Getting in touch with my inner Crunchie

I did a bad thing today – well as it happens I did one then did another one.
Firstly I spent far too long on several online sweet shops… all started to get out of control when I actually went to find a credit card…..but thankfully pulled myself together just in time……..but then I had a notion…..I could make sweets!
Before you try and pre-order Gigibird Rock I made honeycomb or as Nigella likes to call it Hokey Pokey.

Photo: WOW
I did have a go at this last year when Nigella made it on TV and it was a disaster but after a bit of research I think I know why today’s attempt was a resounding success – you can stir the sugar/syrup mixture while it’s heating and the bicarbonate soda should be fresh as it loses it abilities the longer it’s around – I know how it feels.

Photo: Perfection!
I saw a recipe suggestion to serve it with chocolate mousse and I think that would work very well.


  1. Thank crunchie it's FRIDAY...!
    Well..... nearly
    Marion ;0)

  2. Wow, I never knew you could actually make Crunchie. What a dangerous piece of information...

    Have you got toothache yet?

  3. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Over er' son!
    Love the neighbour XX

  4. mmmmm
    home made crunchie!

  5. That looks rather nice1

    Pomona x

  6. yum! it's lovely on ice cream too : )


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