Friday, August 21

Lucozade for Bees

I found a beautiful large bumble bee resting on my potting table today.

I decided to make him an energy drink and it worked.

I fed sugar water through a sponge and it worked beautifully

If you do want to leave sugar water out for bees make sure you follow a recommend ‘recipe’ – brown sugar gives them diarrhea!


  1. I did the same yesterday with a massive bumble bee, he was knackered! one wiff of my white sugar and water and after a few minutes he was off!

  2. i've been looking for weary bees to help since i heard about the sugar and water remedy on the radio a few days ago. our bees all seem to be energy fueled though for now. love your sponge trick! Xx

  3. Well! You learn something new everyday! What a useful tip!
    x Vicky x


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