Tuesday, August 18


The following photo may offend the aesthetes amongst you.
True what you are looking at may resemble an old plastic laundry basket with a paving slab on top but is in fact a hedgehog feeding station.

I needed one in a hurry and if I say so myself I am rather pleased I was able to re-use, recycle old tat from my garden.
Hedgehogs have already visited as they left me a little present….so today I bought them mealworms which they apparently love.
If you would like to see some hedgehog action then pay a visit to a lovely blog, Hog Blog,(see blog of the week) that has lots of video action which is very amusing.


  1. those lucky hogs! i dare you to tie a bit of gingham ribbon on the entrance : )

  2. Your hedgehogs are very lucky hogs indeed. Maybe they will have hoglets :-)

  3. Kelly - no gingham - hedgehogs are minimalists..
    Sue- If there is any hedgehog sex going I'd rather not know about it.

  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Cute! You need to check out this!



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