Monday, August 24

Tonight's Special

Monday is a good night for TV
We – that is my husband and I are really enjoying the Swedish Wallander (BBC4)
We (there I go again) are rather fond of sub titles and my husband can often be found in the World Cinema section of HMV scanning for tragic true stories of terrible things that happened in the war.

I digress- here is finally proof that all my efforts with the Hedgehog Feeding Station have paid off

This little hog didn’t seem to mind me snapping away.
I did see he/she had a tick on the side if his/her face…..I may recruit my neighbour to help me remove it….


  1. Don't you find Wallander depressing?

    We have no hedgehogs in our neck of the woods because a lady called Barbara rescues them all and keeps them in a hedgehog sanctuary in her back garden. We are thinking of applying to become hedgehog guardians but we're a bit scared of Barbara.

  2. She might let you have one with a missing leg - if there is nothing wrong with them I'm not sure you are allowed to keep them....they poo a lot.
    Is Barbara a bit prickly?

  3. I removed several ticks from a bby hedgehog a couple of weeks ago.... a drop of olive oil to smother them, then grasp firmly with tweezers, and carefully unscrew in anticlockwise direction. Works every time if you do it slowly. Sadly this chap died a few days later, but I did hand rear one two summers ago. Yes, they poo loads...

  4. I don't understand why there needs to be a feeding station? It doesn't protect the food from cats with such a big entrance. Is it because they feel safer under cover?
    I like Wallander too but not the English version.

  5. You are right Jackie cats can get in (and have)but since only feeding mealworms and peanuts feline interest has is to keep the foxes from eating it as we have loads in the road and according to Hedgehog websites foxes can and do attack hogs.

  6. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I have a tick remover - you can have the spikes!!
    The Neighbour.

  7. oooh ticks are horrid, make sure you get it all out, they bury their nasty little heads into the flesh, or it'll all go septic.

  8. i'm staying tuned for the next episode of hog watch...ticks are nasty!

    i love a hit of subtitles too...we're (me and c) are big french film fans in our house. bbc four does good subtitles. the rest we get from sofacinema.

    tuesday night tv doesn't look great. i'm going to indulge in a bit of sunday jam and jerusalem instead. Xx


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