Sunday, November 29


Granny the oldest ‘paperboy’ in town arrived this morning with milk as well as the Sunday Telegraph…she rallies in a crisis….unless her Sky isn’t working in which case I put my technical head on and turn it off and on again….
Yesterday my boiler decided to throw a hissy fit and stop doing what boilers should do – after a night of no heat (not necessarily a problem) and no hot water (tragedy) my plumber rang and talked me through fixing it - turn it off then on again.
The patient is improving slowly…..his spirits are being keep buoyant by Fraser DVD’s and me being ever so nice….but there have been a few hiccups - Harry accidentally knocked the cast one morning in his eagerness to get to the porridge bowls…..and there was also the incident at the top of the stairs when he fell on his plastered foot but we don’t talk about that…..

Only another 3 weeks.....................


  1. I know I should be sending tea & sympathy.... but am too busy wiping the tears of laugh
    ter rolling down my face....
    Would love to know what happened on the landing with the plaster cast....!? keep smiling :o)

  2. Sadly our Sky box has gone beyond the turn on and off, we have the bloke here now trying to fix it. Funny because on off works for most things I find. Hope the patient makes good progress, will the cast be decorated for Christmas?

  3. I like the idea of decorating the plaster cast, an opportunity for true creativity I feel. Collage, felt, beads? Nobody in blogland has yet scratched the surface of this new medium... the stage is yours... a Florence Hope collaboration perhaps?

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  5. Sorry, my last post didn't say what I meant it to say, which was: hope he gets better soon .... notwithstanding the mysterious happenings on the landing!

  6. oohh, i now realise i didn't read your 'breaking news' post properly as it completely escaped me that nigel had broken his ankle... ouch!... he is very lucky to have a personal paper 'boy' though ... hope you are not going stir crazy... still i expect your warm woodburner is making staying in much more pleasant.
    speedy recovery and all...
    and hoping there are no more 'landing' incidents.
    ginny x

  7. You know how sometimes you whizz to the pictures first and then read the text properly second,(might just be me then, but hey ho) well I did think,
    Oh my,hasn't Lynn got hairy legs? lol
    Must have missed a post somewhere along the line.

    Poor Nigel. Ouch. x


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