Thursday, December 31


Currently enjoying

Full fat milk

Oatmeal instead of porridge for breakfast

Boots Original Formula face and body products

Campion on TV (BBC2)


  1. I've been NOT enjoying.... lemsips,paracetamol,vick(who ever HE is..!?)Covonia(cough medicine with clout apprently..?!)& lots & lots & lots of laying around on sofa....!!!
    Happy days... ;o)

  2. happy new year gigi x

  3. I think this makes you sound very pure and wholesome. Which of course, you are.

  4. happy new year to you gigibird...looking forward to following your adventures through 2010. i hope it brings you more to enjoy and warm your heart!

    full fat milk really is so good...i'm always secretly pleased when they've run out of semi {and to think we once used to be a skimmed house??!}

    love the boots bottle! Xx

  5. Pardon my ignorance but please can you explain the difference between porridge and oatmeal?
    (I'm glad you are enjoying it, and a Happy New Year)

  6. Oh I am lovin all the pamper stuff!! You deserve it!! Thank you so much for popping over to see me. Love Helen x

  7. Happy New Year to you x
    loving the Boots treats but have to say yuck, yuck, yuck to the milk!
    t x


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