Thursday, January 7

Winter Walking

We didn’t get the 30 – 40 cm of snow predicted but we have enough to cause mild mayhem.
This morning Harry and I rounded up our neighbour and headed west walking on the frozen pebbles of the shoreline.

An Eskimo got in the way!

I think beach huts are attractive all year round.


  1. Snow on the beach - how bizarre!I would have thought that the sea salt would put paid to that. Lovely clear skies though and those huts do look very inviting. All that's missing is a thermos of hot chocolate!

  2. Umm nice pic's. The little huts always do look so cute!

    Vicky x

  3. Wow a snowie beach, it looks fab.
    I bet there was lots of fun to be had on there.
    Just popped on from Cupcakes at home blog.
    Happy new year.

    Catherine x

  4. Beach huts in the snow looks very strange!
    Looks like a good walk though.

  5. Oh lucky you - I've never seen snow on a beach before. That looks so wonderful and deserted.

  6. Oh My, snow on the beach!! Fantastic.


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