Friday, January 15

Going all Cranford.

I didn’t realize until I knitted myself a pair just how warm wrist warmers are.
Seeing the ladies of Cranford wearing very dainty wrist warmers inspired me to break out the knitting needles and have a go.
I have tried and failed to knit the now famous ‘toast/toasty’ as I’ve lost dexterity over the last few years so all I did was cast of 40 stitches (cast on more if you want them longer) and knitted until I had enough to meet around my wrists, cast off and sewed up leaving a hole for my thumbs – it was as easy as that!

Look Miss Matty at all that dust!
Apologies for the poor images – it is nigh on impossible to photograph your own hands when holding a camera….and the man of the house didn’t seem able to point and press….

Just like that!!


  1. Oh! how wonderful Miss Matty!! - I want to hav a go right now - and for me who does'nt knit - I think I could manage that!

    Vicky x

  2. Super. I love wristwarmers, those Cranford ladies know a thing or two.

  3. They're great! Can you knit in them?

  4. i like...and how perfectly cranford!

    lovely weather for sitting indoors with a spot of knitting by the fire. x

  5. spoon... glass... glass... spoon.. ajjj...ajjj...(aka tommy cooper...)
    If it's impossible to take a photo of own wrist, where was camera when you took a picture of both writs...?

  6. Winter + Knitting = Wristwarmers, sounds just the ticket for the weather you are having. They look nice and cosy too.

  7. Great mitts! It has been a complete revelation to me how comforting they are in cold weather like we are experiencing. I don't fancy the chances of that poor cushion in the last pic - looks like you are about to throttle it!

  8. I quite agree that wrist warmers are the thing, I managed to find my cashmere ones that had been lost for months if not years and wore them all the time during the recent freeze. Yours are a lovely colour.

  9. Coo, you clever thing, I hadn't thought of making them with the seam at the thumb side, so you just leave an 'ole in the sewing up. They do look toasty-warm. And you have lovely hands. x

  10. What a good idea, never thought of doing them that way-even I could manage that!


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