Saturday, January 9

Ice Station Zebra

More snow over night meant rather surprisingly I was able to get Harry out this morning– it gave the ice a bit of grip.
Only dog walkers and a few mad joggers were about which was a shame as it was so beautiful down the beach with the sun dancing on the snow.

Stella was telling me she has a flock of redwings devouring her pryacantha and I noticed the bush over the road had been picked clean.
My birds are keeping me busy with their demands for warm water and food, food and more food – if you do nothing else for your birds give them water as soon as I defrost the water bowl they are there drinking.
As Harry and I were leaving the beach I noticed a rusty chain with the broken sign….waving in the sub zero wind it looked liked industrial bunting if of course such a thing exists.


  1. We seem to have stopped getting new snow. However, the old snow is trouble enough. We have just ventured to Tesco (the shame) but at least now have food.

  2. The birds are eating us out of house and home!
    I love watching them though. It was a lovely blue sky this morning here too, but very cold.

  3. I have never seen snow on the beach.
    Thank you for the bird tip. It didn't occur to me that they'd be in need of water. I shall put a bowl out in the morning..away from the cats of course.

  4. The birds are desperate, we managed to stock up on human and bird food yesterday. Thanks for the water reminder I will try to give them some but everything is freezing rapidly.

  5. I love the thought of industrial bunting! And I thought of the birds and their water today too.

  6. Cooee from Downunder, lovely to see snow photos as we are experienceing a heat wave. Wish I could step through the computer screen into one of the photos. Our birds are desperate for water too, I have to check the bird baths regularly so make sure the water isn't evaporating. If I could I would send you some of our warm weather, but for now I shall send warm wishes for a happy and creative 2010.

  7. Anonymous12:56 PM

    That's the birds I keep seeing!
    The N x x

  8. Will go and check on the birds asap.... glad you got out in more snow. It's funny that the fresh snow is easier to walk in, ours is 6 days old and treacherous.

  9. We have made little bird cakes with pork fat and other goodies - I have actually run out of bird seed, and am snowed in at the moment, but have been trying to make up for that with bacon rinds and other bits and pieces.


  10. photos of your beach never fail to make me is so beautiful. glad you have it nearly all to yourself!

    we had a green woodpecker come dine on our bird table today : )

  11. I've put food and water out for the birds (I feel so sorry for them when the weather's like this) but they haven't come anywhere near any of it. Is it because I have so few plants? Is it because I have a cat who looks at them from indoors (she rarely ventures out)? I would love to attract birds to our (tiny) garden ... can you please tell me how?! x

  12. Found your blog, quite by accident, and it is delightful. I'll check in often!

  13. Hi, hows it going? long time and all that, glad to see you are still about S X


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