Wednesday, January 26

Big Buns and Birds

Morning coffee at the Bluebird Café….it’s one of the few places where dogs are welcome….and they let me and Stella in too

Look at the size of the bun…..we had to share it as a whole one each would have been too piggy although I think Stella was up for it.
This is the little bird that regularly visits my garden.

At first I thought he was a Redwing….but now I think he could either be a Song Thrush or a Mistle Thrush. Whatever he is I feel very honoured of his visits.
If you can tell can you let me know what he is.


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    how lovely to see not one but two posts from you - you put me to shame.

    i wish i had a cafe like that near to where i live although i think my two little fellas wold cause pandemonium!

    i love watching the birds in the garden - you may laugh but i feel i have a little robin red breast that always seems to appear when i am feeling a little lost. a sort of guardian angel (ihope).

    i do hope you are keeping well and look forward to more from you.

    happy 2011

    a big hug


  2. Oh a dog friendly cafe, how perfect.

  3. That cafe looks lovely.

    I am no bird expert but looking at the photo - I would say a Song Thrush. Mistle thrushes are a bit larger and Red Wings smaller (plus the obvious red bits)

  4. Sweet Birdy Love8:56 PM

    Looks like there is a lovely view from the Bluebird Cafe too.

    Nice to have feathered friends visit regularly.

    Blue skies and sunshine here today.....

  5. A cafe where people can take their dogs? I want to go there! Bailey-dog would just love it, and he makes such good company. :)

  6. Yep, definitely a thrush :p Not a redwing - I had some of those visit recently and the bright flash of orangey red on the body/wing was SO noticeable. I've got a feeder up in the garden now, so am hoping for lots more birdie visitors.

    Take care :) x

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous place to sit and eat cake!!

    Julia x

  8. I would have had a lot of trouble sharing one of those yummy looking buns. Miss Dog hasn't been invited to a cafe. If I tied her to a table leg she would no doubt see someone to say hello to and tear across the cafe, table in tow. Shameful.

    Thrushes are very welcome in my garden and they love it when the sprinkler is on. I am waging a low key war (and losing) against a big gentleman blackbird who has discovered that tomatoes are very tasty indeed. He knows I'm far too fond of him to mean him any harm. XXX

  9. I could have eaten that big bun! I've seen thrushes in my garden again this year. It is always a pleasure. x

  10. We went to a dog friendly cafe too yesterday and I was going to mention it when I blog. Unfortunately, we didn't have a dog!

  11. Oooo! Where is that piece of bun heaven? Looks lovely :o)


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