Thursday, March 17

In the steps of Cnut

This afternoon I found myself in picture perfect Bosham the alleged site of King Cnut’s encounter with some waves. – by the way that’s Cnut the Great not the other one.

Because of the exquisite location of the village it is a real tourist destination but this afternoon there was hardly anyone about.


  1. so you had it all to yourself! Excellent!

  2. Inspirational, how nice not to have to share with the hoardes........

  3. Lucky you! It's such a pretty place so often spoiled by all the people! I love all the old cottages and little secret corners, oh and the lovely Blue Anchor pub. We also love walking around the harbour to the 'other' side , you know where the rich folk live LOL!

  4. Sometimes I wonder if it's wrong to love solitude so much, but I do relish my own company.


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