Wednesday, April 6

Spring Shoot

Although it is an absolutely gorgeous spring day outside I am happily inside playing with my camera taking photos for the Florence Hope shop update and getting carried away with my props.

Theses little beauties are a recent acquisition ….Very old French linen stamps…..

I am constantly drawn to small objects…I’m happiest making little things…except my dinner – that has to be BIG


  1. Dinner should always be BIG, but somehow treasure is more treasury when it's tiny! They are beautiful stamps and so unusual.

  2. Oh what beautiful stamps! THe perfect treasures. I like creating small things, I feel comfortable when things are scaled down rather than up.....except food of course, I must confess to having a greedy streak.

  3. Hey Lynne, aren't those stamps just wonderful?

    Are you going to use them at all or just enjoy their decorative selves?

    Claire :}

  4. What irresistible objects..or should I say 'objets'.
    Thank you for giving us a glimpse.

  5. We all need therapy for something . . . . just thanks the lord that yours is small!!!
    Love Helen x

  6. Those stamps are very desirable, beautiful if not so useful. I agree dinners need to be huge too.

  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Show off!!! XXX Neighbour


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