Monday, April 18

(Human) Pin Cushion

I just couldn’t resist the allure of this capacious wicker basket this morning while I paid a visit to the village for a blood test appointment ( 3 attempts; I feel like a human pin cushion) …

.not sure how I can hide it before the man of the house returns….I will try and avert his gaze with custard.

Anyway it wasn’t just wicker that took my eye – another Persephone for my collection…and how could I leave the embroidered linen tray cloth when such subtle colours had been used?

All this treasure and I got to enjoy a large cappuccino with Baby mother while we watched the world go by in this glorious weather.


  1. hello! nasty needles...thank goodness you found treats to make up for the pins. and a pretty tremendous trio you have there. i am just smiling at the name. whipple. brilliant! keep enjoying the lovely skies xXx

  2. You can nevr have too many baskets, it would have been rude not to buy it!!
    H xx

  3. Thanks to you, I've just discovered Persephone Books -- aren't they, and the publishers, wonderful! Thanks so much for that.

  4. You really couldn't have left any of those lovely things.

  5. Enough goodies to counteract the needles, I hope! I love baskets, too.

    Pomona x

  6. I like the idea of you trying to divert with custard!

  7. One item for each hole in your arm, that seems fair. And if I had to choose one I'd take the basket.

  8. Avert his eyes with Custard...LOVE THAT! I must try that next time!
    You totally couldn't leave that basket, or the other treats

  9. Good ploy, the custard! What a wonderful basket far to lovely to leave.

  10. Anonymous2:55 PM

    oooh nice goodies! Hope you are all recovered after being used as a pin cushion!

  11. Ouch - I hope you don't bruise too much! What a fabulous haul. I love baskets, books and embroidered cloths are utterly irresistible. XX

  12. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I'm still with Carmen Callil vis-a-vis the Whipple line, give me Pym anyday ;) love the basket; perfect for picnics...


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