Thursday, May 10

Decorative Living Fair

Despite the dreadful weather my neighbour and I ventured over the boarder to Kent to visit this years Decorative Living Fair. It’s a kind of small scale Country Living fair but the focus is more on vintage, although saying that there was jewellery, gardenalia etc. Untitled To my great delight I met the lovely Viv of Hens Teeth who had travelled south to do the fair. Hens Teeth I was very restrained and hardly bought anything - as fabric and notions don’t count do they? Wonderful houseleeks


  1. oh lots of lovely could you resist!?

  2. What fun! Sometimes having to carry things puts me off buying them at fairs and markets. What if I find something even better to buy and I've got my hands full? Fortunately you can fit plenty of fabric and little treasures into a shopping bag,so no, they don't count. XXX

  3. Oh that looks a beautiful day out, those succulents are so pretty!

  4. looks like a great time!


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