Tuesday, May 29

Just Discovered

Vintage TV - on Freesat.... it's brilliant for folding the ironing too (snort - I never fold anything) it's great for sorting the washing into heaps....that's more like it.
The cats are loving this hot spell; I find if I don't move I can enjoy it too...ha ha ha Dandelion Unrelated photo of Dandelion (one of next door's) being uber cute. N.B. I am having a few technical difficulties - it's been such a long time since I've tinkered with the layout I have become a beginner again ..........for some reason it won't let me start a new paragraph..grh....


  1. Nothing wrong with a sorted heap. That's a very comfortable looking cat.

  2. ha ha i am the same with my blog. stay away a while and everything has changed! so pleased to see you back though and enjoying your new compooter.

    the cats are so wise. lots of laying still in this weather is the perfect way to be. x

  3. Sometimes the washing is lucky if it makes it off the spare bed before I wear it again (and forget ironing!). Darling pussycats. Just so sweet! Enjoy the warmth- brrrr it is chilly here. XXX


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