Friday, June 1

Love in the Mist

The love-in-the-mist is just coming into flower....isn't it the easiest flower to grow?
I could only bring myself to cut 4 stems but had planned to cut some of a very rampent rosemary to bulk out my 'arrangement' but it was covered in cuckoo spit and I wasn't feeling in the mood for killing insects however detrimental they might be...and after looking up frog hoppers it seems they don't do much damage so they can stay.
N.B. I always collect seeds so if any of you would like some please let me know and I will send them to you in a few months time when they are ready.


  1. PM

    I adore Love in the mist, such a pretty frothy flower and the seed heads are just gorgeous too. I love the way it just finds a little place to grow each year!

  2. i must get some for our garden. i love being able to cut flowers to bring indoors. although elsa keeps taking it upon herself to pull the heads off my marigolds so there isn't a great deal out there at the moment!! beautiful foliage on the misty flowers...they look lovely just on their own in the vase. are the plants easy to find?

  3. I had swathes of Love in a Mist at our last house - it was admired by everyone who passed the house. I have none in this garden, so would love some seeds if you have some to spare - they are beautiful flowers. x

  4. Lovely shade of blue. Despite being a huge fan of Sarah Ravens, I find it really difficult to cut bunches from the garden for the house. I get that from my Mum who actually didn't like cut flowers at all, said they looked better and lasted longer in the garden.

  5. Hi Jenny
    I agree; I remember my Granny only ever had broken stems indoors - I feel very guilty cutting anything especially if it's bee friendly.
    SR has such a huge garden I don't expect her cutting some for indoors impinges on the overall look...
    However my mint has gone berserk so it will be getting a short back and sides so some can come inside

  6. Easy to grow. Yes thats what I thought but I hadn't reckoned on our slimy mollusc brethren who, finding not much else to eat in our garden, devoured the lot.


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