Friday, August 17

August in a Vase

I feel guilty picking flowers for the house - but as my poor roses don't seem to be able to survive more than a few days in this summer's strange weather I picked the last two blooms along with Japanese Anemones, Dahlias and Verbena Bonariensis that had self seeded itself in the gravel.
I have never been very good at arranging but I feel the spirit of Constance Spry helped me on this occasion - ha ha ha Yesterday I had my chimney swept which never fails to give me a little trill as it means autumn is in the logs are already stacked in the garage so I am looking forward my favourite season.


  1. It is a really sweet arrangement - I know what you mean - I used to feel bad cutting flowers to bring indoors but now do bring them in so that I can enjoy them more, especially with the summer we have had I have enjoyed the flowers indoors whereas I would never have seen them otherwise.

  2. Snap re the very welcome approach of Autumn. Can't wait! Lovely flowers - you can't beat a posy from the garden.

  3. yes the autumn does feel like it is creeping here just as sumer seemed to arrive!

  4. I don't mind autumn, but I feel sad that summer is almost over and gone before it arrived. My white Japanese anemones have really enjoyed this year's weather though - they are thriving. Your flowers look so sweet - still some summer left.

    Pomona x

  5. Isn't Autumn so lovely! We have fresh mornings followed by lots of clear, crisp days. Right now I'm looking forward to Spring after a rather dank and miserable Winter. XXX


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