Thursday, August 23

Cat Hut

Bailey has taken a liking to the new cat hut -it was bought for her cousin who prefers the great outdoors but has so far been ignoring it....
I am very pleased with the colour which is Sandolin Superdec in Jungle Green - bit of an unfortunate name but very similar to Farrow and Ball's French Grey - a definite green but with a grey undertone -


  1. such a cosy home...the colour is wonderful and i am enjoying seeing you reference f&b (just like the old days). i am actually thinking this could be a very good idea for our own captain b as we are about to get a new front and back door are plotting to deny him his cat flap (cruel people that we are). a cat hut could be the answer? i see you have a luxury model with carpet! x

  2. How cute is that.
    For some reason my silly Siamese love cardboard boxes.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I must show Johnny as I'm sure Mr Mouse would love a wee house like that. He'd like it even more if it was built on tall stilts that he could use to sharpen his claws. Currently he is working on making our dining table even more vintage looking than it already does. XXX


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